Far From True by Linwood Barclay

‘Far From True’ is the 2nd novel in Linwood Barclay’s Promise Falls trilogy. The first is ‘Broken Promise’ and the 3rd is ‘Twenty-Three’. The books should definitely be read in order. Even having read the first book, this one was still a bit confusing. Promise Falls is a small town with a huge amount going on and it seems that a large proportion of the population pass through this novel. There were a number of sub-plots that weren’t really brought together except for a vague relationship with the number 23.

The constellation drive-in theater is about to close down. On its last night of operation there is an explosion and several people are killed.

Cal Weaver is a private investigator looking into a break-in at one of the victim’s homes. He stumbles across a hidden room with a surprising purpose. He thinks he knows what the thieves were after. Cal also has some problems with his apartment, tentatively starts a relationship and makes friends with a very talented girl with Asperger’s syndrome.

A number of girls from Thakerey college have been drugged and filmed involved in group sex. But what has happened to the films?

Detective Duckworth is still investigating the brutal murders of Gloria Fisher and Rosemary Gaynor. He doesn’t appear to be making much progress.

David Harwood is still working for sleazy former Mayor Randall Finley and still trying to rebuild his relationship with Sam Worthington. Sam’s parents-in-law are still determined to gain custody of their grandson.

These are just some of the events that went on through this novel. Listing them makes me realise why I’m exhausted and confused. This was not a relaxing read. But, as I’ve come to expect from Linwood Barclay, the novel was still very enjoyable.

Not many of the plots were resolved and while some of the events from the first novel were explained, this one left many more questions unanswered. Hopefully everything will make sense by the end of the 3rd novel in the trilogy, so now I wait with great anticipation for ‘The Twenty Three’.


Book Published 2016


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