Fear the Darkness by Becky Masterman

‘Fear the Darkness’ is Becky Masterman’s second novel featuring the ageing female ex-FBI agent Brigid Quinn. The first was ‘Rage Against the Dying’.

Life has become much more relaxed for Brigid. In addition to her beloved new husband Carlo and her 2 pugs, she has now made her first real friend. Mallory is in her late 50s like Brigid. They enjoy getting together to eat, drink and talk.

But life never stays perfect for long. Brigid’s sister-in-law has just died after a long illness. Brigid keeps her promise to take her niece in for a few months. She and Carlo know very little about teenagers and Gemma-Kate’s presence quickly changes the dynamics of the house. But Brigid soon finds Gemma-Kate’s presence disturbing. There are a number of occurrences shortly after her arrival and Brigid thinks that Gemma-Kate is to blame.

Then Brigid starts to investigate the recent drowning death of a teenage boy in the area as a favour to the boy’s mother. She soon finds that the police investigation was not as thorough as it should have been and the death may not be quite what it seems.

But, as all this is going on, Brigid finds herself starting to get sick. She immediately fears the worst and is reluctant to tell Carlo or to have further tests carried out. She doesn’t want to be an invalid for Carlo to look after like Mallory’s husband Owen.

Brigid fights her poor health, works her way through the investigation, deals with Gemma-Kate and leans on her good friend Mallory. Things become a lot more murky before they start to become clearer. When Brigid finally thinks she knows what is going on, she tries to get proof of her theory. But her problems are one step ahead of her and it looks as though she will fail and lose her life in the process.


I enjoyed this novel much more than the previous one. Brigid acted much more like someone her age (rather than a female Rambo). The story was a bit more credible and some of the characters were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the characters of Gemma-Kate and Owen.

I also enjoyed the descriptions of the Quinn family – multi-generational cops with something not quite right in their makeup. Gemma-Kate and Brigid really were very much alike.

If there is a third novel in the series I plan to read it.


Book Published 2015


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