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Michael Robotham was born in 1960 in country New South Wales. He attended school in Gundagai and Coffs Harbour, then moved to Sydney to start a cadetship with a newspaper. He spent the next 14 years working as a journalist and editor for a number of newspapers in Australia and the UK. He then quit his job to become a ghostwriter.

As a ghostwriter, Robotham worked with politicians, pop stars and other celebrities. He helped write 15 autobiographies, 12 of which were best sellers.

Between ghostwriting jobs, he started work on his first novel. Before it was completed he had received a large advance and the completed novel resulted in a bidding war. He hasn’t looked back and continues to write one novel a year.

His work sells well around the world but he is not particularly well known in Australia. I first heard of him when he won a UK award.

These days Michael Robotham lives in a large house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with his wife Vivien and their three teenage daughters.

Michael O’Loughlin series:

Other novels:

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