Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

‘Speaking in Bones’ is the 18th Tempe Brennan novel by Kathy Reichs.

There are a group of people known as websleuths who spend their time investigating cold cases, on the web and by gathering clues. These amateurs are not taken very seriously by the professionals but occasionally they get results. When Hazel ‘Lucky’ Strike approaches Tempe claiming that she has an identity for a set of bones in storage, she is able to provide just enough information to get Tempe’s attention.

Strike believes the bones belong to a young woman names Cora Teague who hasn’t been seen for a few years. Her family never reported her missing. They belong to a small strict church run by a defrocked Catholic priest and refuse to give any information or provide DNA for comparison.

Tempe goes back to the site where the bones were found with the very interesting local sheriff Zeb Ramsey. They find more bones at this location and other locations. Are there multiple murder victims? When Tempe analyses the new bones, her findings are very odd. And now everyone in the small religious community is starting to act strangely. Could there be a series of cult killings?

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Andrew Ryan is pressing Tempe for an answer to his marriage proposal. But Tempe still isn’t over her husband’s betrayal from years ago and she’s not sure if she can give up her independence.

Locally, Tempe is working with Erskine ‘Skinny’ Slidell. He’s looking surprisingly slim and well dressed but hasn’t changed his condescending attitude to Tempe.

Unable to get Slidell to take her seriously she goes off on her own (again) and gets herself into trouble (again) and almost gets herself killed (again). Eventually she stumbles on the truth about Cora Teague which is nothing at all what she had imagined.


Once again Tempe’s mother Daisy was in the story – facing her own challenges but urging Tempe to follow her heart. But will Tempe make a detour via the man with the gorgeous eyes – Zeb Ramsey.

There was plenty going on in this story outside of the case being solved and plenty set up for the future with both Ryan and Slidell. I’m looking forward to reading about those developments in the next Tempe novel.


Date Published 2015


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