Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child

‘Bad Luck and Trouble’ is the 11th Reacher novel by Lee Child and has drifter Jack Reacher working as part of a team rather than on his own.

When Reacher was in the army he spent a few years as part of an elite MP group known as the Special Investigators. There were 9 men and women in the group. One of the was Frances Neagley who we met in an earlier Reacher novel – ‘Without Fail’.

When Reacher receives a coded message (by way of an unusual deposit in his bank account) requesting help, he quickly works out that it is from Neagley.

When he meets her in Los Angeles, he finds that one of the other members of the group has been murdered. Neagley wants to get the remaining members of the group together to find the killers.

Eventually they get four of the old team together and set out to find a group of killers who is clever and ruthless enough (or maybe just stupid) to have killed their highly trained and cautious friend. But are they really the ones doing the hunting or have they been brought together to suffer the same fate as their friend?

With very little to go on, they each use their own special skills and eventually work out why their friend died and from there it doesn’t take long to work out who. Reacher and his companions set out for revenge because ‘ you don’t mess with the Special Investigators’.


This was yet another action packed Reacher novel and even within a group Reacher still operates mostly as a loner.

At times the coincidences were a bit too convenient but who ever said that Reacher had to be believable.

I think I’ll now read something gentle to get over all the bloodshed and before tackling the next in the Reacher series – ‘Nothing to Lose’.


Book Published 2007


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