One Shot by Lee Child

‘One Shot’ is Lee Child’s 9th Reacher novel.

The story begins in a Friday afternoon in a small town in Indiana. A shooter drives to a multi-story car park, lines up his rifle and with six shots, kills five people leaving their offices at 5pm.

Evidence quickly leads the police to James Barr, an ex-military sniper, and he is arrested. When Jack Reacher, currently in Miami hears the news, he quickly makes his way to Indiana. He knows James Barr from his past as a military policeman.

Barr’s sister Rosemary quickly organises legal defence for her brother. Helen Rodin is young and inexperienced, but keen to build her reputation. She will be working against her father who is the DA. Will this case make her career or end it before it has a chance to begin?

As Reacher, Rosemary Barr and Helen Rodin try to work out exactly what is going on, they uncover more than they could have imagined.

The police and DA are convinced of Barr’s guilt, but someone is worried about Reacher looking into the crime. The more they try to force Reacher away, the more suspicious he becomes of everyone’s motives and the more intent he is to get to the truth.

With lives on the line, Reacher gradually starts to uncover the truth behind the sniper attack.


As usual, this book was action packed from the first page. I love the way that Reacher goes about getting to the truth and bringing down the bad guys. And he always gets the girl (one of them at least).

This book was full of clever twists and turns, most of which we got to see before Reacher saw them.

This was another excellent addition to the series and I look forward to reading the next book – ‘The Hard Way’.


Book Published 2005


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