Tastes Like Fear by Sarah Hilary

‘Tastes Like Fear’ is Sarah Hilary’s 3rd novel featuring DI Marnie Rome and DS Jake Noah. The first two novels were very much about Marnie’s past and what it brought to her job. This novel was less focused on Marnie but Sarah Hilary has still brought the same cold thrill to the story.

Marnie’s team has been looking for missing teenager May Beswick for 12 weeks. When they find her body, it is obvious that she hasn’t been living on the streets. Someone has been looking after her very well. And she is not the only teenager found like this.

When one of the girls is found alive, the team think they might finally have a chance to find out who is keeping runaway teenage girls ‘safe’.

The investigation leads the team to a local housing estate where things aren’t quite what they appear to be. Maybe the girl terrorising the estate has a reason for her hostility.

The story is told from two points of view – the police trying to track May’s killer, and the runaway teenagers being kept ‘safe’ by a man who calls himself Harm.

Will the police find the killer before he kills again and will the teenagers manage to break free from the refuge they have been given.

Along the way the police receive help from a number of very unlikely sources.


The story was absolutely gripping as we watch Harm gradually lose his tenuous grip on reality while the family he had created started to fall apart.

Once again Marnie Rome was brilliant with her experience as a teenage runaway giving her the perspective she needed. There were a few updates on Marnie’s brother Stephen and we also found out more about Jake Noah’s life.

All of the novels in this series have been novels that I couldn’t put down and the 4th novel – ‘Quieter Than Killing’ has already been announced. I can’t wait to read it.


Book Published 2016


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