The Hard Way by Lee Child

‘The Hard Way’ is the 10th Reacher novel by Lee Child but as with most of the novels in the series it could be read as a standalone novel.

Jack Reacher is back in New York. He is in a café, drinking coffee and minding his own business when he sees a man getting into a car and driving away. He doesn’t realise that he is witnessing a ransom money pickup.

Edward Lane soon tracks down his witness. His wife Kate and stepdaughter Jade have been kidnapped. They have not been returned after payment of the ransom. Lane runs a company of overseas mercenaries – all ex-military but he sees something in Reacher that he thinks will help him get his wife back.

As soon as Reacher starts helping Lane, he also starts to find out a bit more about him. Five years ago his first wife was kidnapped and murdered. Reacher meets Lauren Pauling, an ex-FBI agent who worked on the case when the first Mrs Lane was taken.

Is Lane involved in the disappearance of his wives or has he just gained lots of enemies in the work he has done?

The hunt eventually takes Reacher to the English countryside where in a final showdown Reacher once again saves the day.


Once again the book moved into high gear almost from the first page. Reacher is an ex-military policeman with a no-nonsense style and is completely indestructible. The novels in the series are always fast paced and action packed.

As with most of the novels, Reacher has a fling with one of the many women who find him totally irresistible.

I just can’t get enough of this series and I’m looking forward to reading number 11 – ‘Bad Luck and Trouble’.


Book Published 2006


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