The Travelers by Chris Pavone

‘The Travelers’ is Chris Pavone’s third novel. His first two ‘The Expats’ and ‘The Accident’ were pretty good but this one fell a bit flat.

Will is a travel writer for a magazine called the Travelers. He goes to exotic destinations all over the world and writes articles about them.

On one of his trips he meets a beautiful woman who coerces him into becoming a spy. And of course he can’t tell his wife.

It turns out that there are a lot more spies around than Will ever realised and some of them may even be vaguely associated with the CIA.

As Will becomes more suspicious of those around him he starts to do some digging of his own. This immediately lands him in trouble and it takes all of his skills and the help of others to get him out.


At times I found myself really enjoying this novel but at other times I found it confusing, difficult to concentrate on and totally ridiculous. It may have been saved by some of the beautiful locations except that in many cases the lifestyle was a bit unrealistic.

I think I’ll be taking a break from Chris Pavone for a while.


Book Published 2016


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