Disclaimer by Renee Knight

‘Disclaimer’ is Renee Knight’s debut novel. It is certainly a page turner, but looking back on it a few days later, I’m not sure that I liked it all that much.

Catherine and Robert Ravenscroft have just moved house when Catherine finds a novel in the house and begins to read it. Pretty soon she realises that the novel is about her and a terrible event that took place 20 years ago. She never spoke to anyone about this event, not even her husband Robert, and the longer she has kept the secret, the harder it has become to reveal it.

She wonders who could have written the book and sent it to her since the only other person who knew what happened is dead. As the life she has built for herself starts to crumble, she sets out to find out who wrote the book and why.

Stephen Brigstocke is a retired teacher whose wife died several years ago. He has failed at most things in his life including being an author, teacher, marriage to Nancy and fatherhood. He has no intention of failing in his effort to destroy Catherine and sets about the task methodically.

When Catherine is close to losing everything, we finally find out what is really going on.


I suppose that my main problem with this novel was that none of the characters were in any way likeable and some of them were completely despicable. I love to love characters in books. This novel contained no one to warm to.

I was also very frustrated as there were many points in the novel where Catherine could have stopped things from progressing.

Regardless of the unlovable characters, the plot was excellent and the story was very well put together. And I did give a little cheer at Catherine’s final decision.

As a debut novel this was excellent and I look forward to reading future novels from Renee Knight – but please give us someone with a bit more warmth.


Book Published 2015

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