End of Watch by Stephen King

‘End of Watch’ is the brilliant conclusion to Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy. If you’re thinking of reading this novel, make sure that you read the other two novels ‘Mr Mercedes’ and ‘Finders Keepers’ first.

Bill Hodges and Holly Gibney are now partners in a detective agency called Finders Keepers while Brady Hartfield, the architect of the Mercedes massacre sits in the brain trauma unit of the hospital in an unresponsive state.

Hodges has always suspected that Brady Hartfield is more mentally present than he pretends to be. There are rumours that he can move objects using telekinesis.

Then there is a murder suicide involving one of those injured in the Mercedes massacre. Hodges is sure that Hartfield is involved but can’t work out how.

As the Hodges and Gibney duo start to look for clues, they find themselves drawn further into the case and further into Hartfield’s power. Hartfield has extended his need for revenge against Hodges and his friends to just about everyone. And it’s pretty hard to stop him when they can’t even work out how it’s done.

Meanwhile, the 70 year old retired detective Hodges has some problems of his own. Will he have time to complete the Brady Hartfield case before he has to go and address his own issues.


This novel was the best of the series but I wouldn’t recommend reading it on its own. We get to know the characters gradually across the three novels but in this one we saw them at their best – including Jerome and his sister Barbara, Hodges former police partner Pete and Hartfield’s former work colleague Freddie Linkletter. Bill Hodges and Holly Gibney were brilliant.

The ending was excellent and we get closer to the supernatural horror for which Stephen King is known.

I can’t even remember which Stephen King novel gave me nightmares as a teenager and caused me to abandon Stephen King and horror in general. After this novel I may need to revise my opinions.

This was an excellent end to an excellent series and I highly recommend these novels.


Book Published 2016


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