No Echo by Anne Holt

‘No Echo’ is the 6th novel in Anne Holt’s Hanne Wilhelmsen series.

Hanne has been in exile in a convent in Verona since the death of her partner Cecilie. She left without a word to her friends or boss. Now she is ready to return but she is not sure if she still has a job or any friends.

Meanwhile Billy T. is leading the investigation into the death of a famous chef and floundering badly.

Brede Ziegler had made it to the top of his profession by stepping on anyone in his way. He had many acquaintances but nobody seemed to know him, including his wife of six months who was less than half his age. He was not very well liked but who disliked him enough to murder him? Bill T.’s team is lacking leadership and direction and making no real progress with the case.

There is hostility towards Hanne on her return to Oslo. When she left, she considered no one’s grief but her own. Billy T. gradually lets her into the investigation but it will take much more for Hanne to regain Billy T.’s friendship.

Hanne is quickly able to find the holes in Billy T.’s case and identify those who wanted Brede Ziegler dead. But it will take much more for Hanne to put her personal life back together again.


This novel was much more about the characters than about the murder case being solved. So it is very much more a series novel than a standalone novel. I loved it because I am already invested in the lives of Hanne Wilhelmsen and Billy T. I found it more difficult to care about the life and death of an arrogant celebrity chef like Brede Ziegler.

I only have one more novel in this series to read – ‘Beyond The Truth’ and I’m expecting that novel to be fairly dramatic as it leads into the final novel of the series – ‘1222’.


Book Published 2000

Published in English 2016


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