Redemption Road by John Hart

‘Redemption Road’ was one of the best novels that I’ve read for a while. I’m particularly pleased after my disappointment with ‘The King of Lies’. There are a number of separate sub-plots running through the story that eventually tie together.

Adrian Wall was a well respected cop until he was jailed 13 years ago for murdering Julia Strange. Now he is finally being released and 14 year old Gideon Strange is waiting with a gun to take revenge for his mother’s death and be the man his father failed to be.

Elizabeth (Liz) Black has been an excellent cop but is now under investigation for using excess force in an incident in a basement. 18 year old Channing was restrained, tortured and raped. She was rescued by Liz who put 18 bullets into the two abductors.

Liz is traumatised by what happened in the basement and it takes her back to an incident in her teen tears that completely changed her life and the life of another. For Liz, the result has been to care for those in distress. She has developed a close relationship with Channing and has helped Gideon since his mother died. Liz is also the only one who still believes that Adrian is innocent of murder.

But now the murders have started again and Adrian is the number one suspect. He is also being watched closely by a group of men who are waiting for him to make a mistake.


The characters in this novel were brilliant including Liz’s preacher father and loving mother, Liz’s police partner, the prison warden, Adrian’s lawyer and friend – Crybaby Jones and Gideon’s drunk and broken father.

The writing was excellent and transported me to the world in which the characters lived.

The Epilogue was great for tying up loose ends but I found it a bit too ‘Happily Ever After’. I had prepared myself for a few more characters not making it to the end of the story.

I loved this novel and I’m looking forward to the next novel by John Hart. If you’re after another good John Hart novel then ‘The Last Child’ is also excellent.


Book Published 2016


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