The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

‘The Kept Woman’ is the 8th novel in Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series and I’m excited to see the series return after a few years break. Karin Slaughter’s last two novels were standalone novels – ‘Cop Town’ and ‘Pretty Girls’.

GBI Agent Will Trent and Dr Sara Linton are now together and very much in love, despite the baggage that they both carry. Sara has now joined the GBI as a medical examiner, so they even work together some of the time.

Will has spent the last six months pursuing a case against basketball star Marcus Rippy for a brutal rape. But Rippy had the money to hire the best lawyers and the love of his fans, and the case could not be proven. Now the body of an ex-cop has been found in a building owned by Rippy. But there is also evidence in the building that Will’s wife Angie Polaski was there and lost enough blood that it is unlikely that she could survive.

Will is devastated and intent on finding Angie before it’s too late. Sara is left wondering where she stands in Will’s life and if he ever really loved her.

Will’s partner Faith Mitchel and boss Amanda Wagner are left to find out what happened in Rippy’s building and if and how Rippy is involved.

The second half of the novel starts a week in the past and tells the story from Angie’s point of view. She is an incredibly horrible and manipulative person. Even fighting for her life, her first thought was to set up Will and destroy his relationship with Sara.


This was a brilliant novel and Slaughter managed to put us in the shoes of the main characters – Will and Sara, but most of all Angie. Walking in Angie’s shoes is not a comfortable place to be. But you could really love Will and feel for his predicament and hope for the best for his future with Sara.

Rippy, his management team and his fellow basketball players left a very poor impression and I hoped throughout the novel that they would be caught out.

The ending was not at all what I was expecting.

I can’t wait for the next Karin Slaughter novel, whether it’s another addition to this series or a standalone novel.


Book Published 2016


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