The One Who Got Away by Caroline Overington

As an Australian, I really want to love all of Caroline Overington’s novels, but ‘The One Who Got Away’ just didn’t grab me. It felt a bit like Overington was trying to write for popularity rather than to her strengths.

The book is set in California and New York but still felt a bit Australian. Loren Franklin grew up on the poor side of town but married a rich and handsome man and ended up living the beautiful life with all the trappings – except that her husband was a selfish creep.

Then the whole perfect life starts to fall apart.

We are presented with different views from different characters on what really went on. Some of it was extremely far fetched – or maybe I’m just a bit of a prude.

The way the story was going, I worked out the ending long before I got there.


This book was pretty disappointing and I came close to abandoning it several times. I could not relate to any of the characters or their motivations.

The quality of the story was patchy. There were parts that were good but also parts that I struggled to get through.

I formed images of various characters, then struggled when descriptions were given, well into the story, that didn’t match the images I’d formed.

Hopefully we’ll see Caroline Overington back to her best in her next novel.


Book Published 2016


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