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Karin Fossum is a Norwegian writer born in 1954. She is often referred to as the Norwegian Queen of crime.

Fossum’s first published work was poetry, but she is most famous for her Inspector Sejer series of crime novels. The novels are set in the countryside north of Oslo. Sejer is not a typical novel detective. He is a kindly man, follows the rules, has never been divorced and has very few vices. Likewise, the perpetrators in her novels are not typical. They are not terrible people, but normal people who cross the line. This makes them more real and scarier. Her novels also include societal issues such as class inequality, immigration and exploitation. The beautiful Norwegian countryside also features in her novels.

Fossum’s work is read all over the world and she has won many awards.

She lives near Oslo.


Inspector Sejer Series:

  • In the Darkness (Evas øye) (1995) English 2012 (#1)
  • Don’t Look Back (Se deg ikke tilbake!) (1996) English 2002 (#2)
  • He Who Fears the Wolf (Den som frykter ulven) (1997) English 2003 (#3)
  • When the Devil Holds the Candle (Djevelen holder lyset) (1998) English 2004 (#4)
  • Calling Out For You/ The Indian Bride (Elskede Poona) (2000) English 2005 (#5)
  • Black Seconds (Svarte sekunder) (2002) English 2007 (#6)
  • The Murder of Harriet Krohn (Drapet på Harriet Krohn) (2004) English 2014 (#7)
  • The Water’s Edge (Den som elsker noe annet) (2007) English 2009 (#8)
  • Bad Intentions (Den onde viljen) (2008) English 2010 (#9)
  • The Caller (Varsleren) (2009) English 2011 (#10)
  • The Drowned Boy (Carmen Zita og døden) (2013) English 2015 (#11)
  • Hell Fire (Helvetesilden) (2014) English 2016 (#12)
  • The Whisperer (Hviskeren) (2016) (#13)


  • Kanskje i morgen – poetry (1974)
  • Med ansiktet i skyggen – poetry (1978)
  • I et annet lys – short stories (1992)
  • Søylen – short stories (1994)
  • De gales hus – novel (1999)
  • Jonas Eckel – novel (2002)
  • The Night of November 4th (Natt til fjerde november) (2003)
  • Broken (Brudd) (2006) English 2008
  • I Can See in the Dark (Jeg kan se i mørket) (2011) English 2013
  • The Night is Another Land (Natten er et annet land) – poetry (2012)



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2 Responses to Karin Fossum Profile and Books

  1. Kathleen Whipps

    I have read all of Karin Fossum’s books apart from The night of November 4th and Jonas Eckel. Please could you tell me if they ar in English and if they are available to purchase, as my local library cannot seem to locate them.
    Brilliant author, I can’t believe that I have no more to read.
    Many thanks

    • annette

      I can’t find either of those titles in English. Well done on reading all her other stuff, I’ve still got a long way to go

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