Long Time Lost by Chris Ewan

‘Long Time Lost’ is a gripping thriller by Chris Ewan. I read my first Chris Ewan novel recently and decided it would be worth reading more. After this one, He has moved onto my list of ‘must read’ authors.

Nick Miller provides a specialised service. He takes people who need something more secure than standard witness protection, gives them a new identity, hides them in Europe and continues to watch out for them. He is very good at his job because he has been in hiding for years and because he has an excellent team. Hanson is a computer expert who can hack any database and create realistic identity documents. Becca is an actress and a master of disguise.

When Miller saves Kate Sutherland from certain death in the flawed witness protection system, things start to go wrong. Miller and Kate are both hiding from the same man – Connor Lane. In saving Kate, Miller has given Lane the first clues to his own location and the means for Lane to expose Miller’s entire network of protected people.

What follows is a chase around Europe as Lane’s thugs target Miller’s protected witnesses and Miller tries to save them before it’s too late. Miller will do anything to stop Lane and his thugs from finding his very first protected witness.


The story was very exciting and completely riveting but most of all I loved the characters. Miller had multiple prickly layers and even by the end of the novel there was still a lot left to know. Kate was also a multi-layered character. Hanson and Becca were both great characters to get to know. And the protected witnesses ranged from grateful to resentful for Miller’s role in their lives.

The locations in the story were varied, some extremely beautiful and some as dark and hopeless as the characters inhabiting them.

I feel that there is a lot more left in Miller, Kate and the protection team, as well as protection services officer Lloyd. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Ewan created a sequel to this novel at some time in the future.


Book Published 2016


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