Now You See Me by S.J. (Sharon) Bolton

‘Now You See Me’ is the first novel in a series by S.J. (Sharon) Bolton featuring the detective Lacey Flint. She is a very different detective with the sort of past that would keep most people away from the police.

DC Lacey Flint has been interviewing a witness. When she returns to her car, a woman who has been viciously stabbed collapses in her arms and dies. Lacey must have just missed witnessing the attack. DI Mark Joesbury is suspicious of Lacey, but the leader of the major incident team – Dana Tulloch sees the value of Lacey as part of the investigation.

Lacey is the first to spot the similarity between the murder of Geraldine Jones and Jack the Ripper’s first murder – including the date.

A note, written in red ink is sent to a journalist and the note names Lacey. As the murders continue and the bodies and body parts are found, they are always located in places special to Lacey.

Lacey doesn’t take long to work out what is really going on but can’t tell other members of the police without revealing her past. To reveal her past would put an end to her career and her career has become the most important thing in her life.

How can Lacey stop the killing without endangering herself?

Her love/hate relationship with Joesbury continues. He is still suspicious of her and even suspects her of being the murderer. But the two of them are also intensely attracted to each other.

The story takes many twists and turns and exposes us to some very gory scenes before we get to the final climax. We know that Lacey will survive because the series continues.


Like the other S.J. Bolton novel I’ve read ‘Little Black Lies’ I found this one edge of my seat thrilling and impossible to put down.

Lacey Flint is a unique character with a fascinating past – not at all what you would expect from a police officer. The other two characters that we got to know best were Mark Joesbury, a heartthrob with turquoise eyes and Dana Tulloch, a police woman with her career on the rise but suffering badly from the stress of her job and her life.

I’m looking forward to reading more about Lacey and the others in the next novel in the series – ‘Dead Scared’.


Book Published 2011


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