So Say The Fallen by Stuart Neville

‘So Say The Fallen’ is the 2nd novel by Stuart Neville featuring DCI Serena Flanagan. We first met her in ‘Those We Left Behind’.

Henry Garrick was a successful business man who seemed to have it all. He was wealthy and lived in a beautiful home with his beautiful wife Roberta. But four years ago their two year old daughter died, then six months ago Henry was in a car accident in which he lost both legs. Now Henry has committed suicide by overdosing on morphine. It seems to be an open and shut case.

But something about the case doesn’t seem right to DCI Serena Flanagan. And, the more time she spends with the widow, the less she likes her. What is it about Roberta Garrick that has caused Flanagan to doubt the obvious solution and what is the real relationship between Roberta Garrick and the local pastor Reverend Peter Mckay? Against advice from her superiors, Flanagan investigates further.

Meanwhile Flanagan’s home life is falling apart. Her husband Alistair is still traumatised as a result of Flanagan’s previous case and fears what she may bring to their door. As he pushes her away, he and the children are missing her attention. Can their marriage survive Flanagan’s job?

Even though she wants to do the right thing for her family, Flanagan can’t give less than 100% to the job. And as the Reverend Peter starts to lose his faith, Flanagan is starting to believe that there might be a higher power.


This novel was excellent. We knew from early on what had happened to Henry Garrick and Flanagan suspected it, so the story was about the search for reasons and proof.

The writing was excellent, the characters were very real and exuded personality and the Northern Ireland setting was beautiful. I can’t wait for the next novel from Peter Neville.


Book Published 2016


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