Beyond The Truth by Anne Holt

‘Beyond The Truth’ is Anne Holt’s 7th Hanne Wilhelmsen novel and I’ve been waiting for the English translations of this excellent series to catch up ever since I read the 8th in the series ‘1222’ several years ago.

Hanne is planning a break from her job as an Oslo detective inspector to celebrate Christmas with her small family. But just before she is to start her break, she and her colleague Billy T. are called to a gruesome murder.

Three members of the wealthy Stahlberg family, along with a visitor to their house have been shot. It is what happens to the bodies next that turns the police officers’ stomachs.

The murdered family members were Hermann, his wife Turid and oldest son Preben. The other son Carl-Christian was fighting for control of the family company along with his scheming wife Mabelle. The daughter Hermione had drug problems and recently bought a gun. It seems fairly obvious that a family member was responsible for the murders.

But Hanne refuses to dismiss the fourth victim. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the Stahlberg family, and Hanne wants to know why he was there. Hanne’s colleagues think they have the murderers and one of them has even confessed. So, the moody Hanne has to work alone to get to the truth  beyond the dysfunctional Stahlberg family.

Meanwhile, Hanne’s partner Nefis wants to have a baby. But with Hanne’s childhood memories, brought to mind by the recent death of her father, she does not want to be a parent. The arrival of Hanne’s nephew gives some clues about Hanne’s estrangement from her family.

Finally, Hanne works out what really happened in the Stahlberg household and has a dramatic confrontation with the murderer.


Ever since reading ‘1222’ I have wondered what happened before. Now that I know, I’ll have to re-read ‘1222’ from my new perspective, before the English release of novel number 9 – ‘Offline/ Odd Numbers’.


Book Published 2003

Published in English 2016


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