Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

‘Gone Tomorrow’ is Lee Child’s 13th Reacher novel.

Reacher is drifting through New York on his way to nowhere in particular. He is on the subway at 2 in the morning with 5 other people in his car. Everyone in law enforcement knows the 12 signs to look for to identify a suicide bomber and one of Reacher’s fellow passengers is exhibiting all 12 signs.

Reacher has several options, including leaving. He chooses to confront his fellow passenger to try to diffuse the situation. The results are completely unexpected.

In the aftermath, several groups (only some of them from law enforcement) approach Reacher expecting that his fellow passenger gave him something. Now Reacher is intrigued and needs to know exactly what led up to the events on the train and exactly who is involved.

One of the law enforcement groups, claiming national security, just wants to lock Reacher up and throw away the key. Others are less friendly and considerate.

Reacher gains some colleagues for a while but mostly works on his own. With his ‘never give up’ attitude, Reacher eventually finds out the reason for the incident on the train. But, will he ever get to find out the full details.


This novel was packed with action from beginning to end with the one man army of Reacher fighting off enemies from every direction – including federal agents.

The real criminals in the story were unexpected in many ways and the reasons for their involvement were also unexpected.

We didn’t get to know any other characters in this novel very well – it was very much a solo Reacher novel.

I’m looking forward to continuing the series with – ’61 hours’.


Book Published 2009


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