Rather be the Devil by Ian Rankin

‘Rather be the Devil’ is Ian Rankin’s 21st Rebus novel.

Even though Grouchy old John Rebus has been retired for a few years, he can’t help himself meddling in police cases. It helps him to keep his mind off his health – the years of rough living are finally starting to catch up with him.

Rebus decides to investigate a case from 40 years ago that was never solved. He also likes to keep an eye on any cases that his former colleagues Malcolm Fox and Siobhan Clarke are involved in. But now Rebus no longer feels constrained by police rules.

I won’t go into detail of what he gets up to, but it involves the ongoing war between Edinburgh’s current lead gangster Daryl Christie and Rebus’s old nemesis Big Ger Cafferty, as well as shell companies, hidden millions, Ukrainian mobsters and ageing rock stars.

The intricacy and pace of the story is exactly what we have come to expect from a solid Rebus novel but with a touch more humanity than usual. If you’re a Rebus fan then this is a novel not to be missed.


Book Published 2016


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