The Whistler by John Grisham

I didn’t enjoy John Grisham’s previous novel ‘Rogue Lawyer’ very much, so ‘The Whistler’ was a pleasant change.

Lacy Stoltz and Hugo Hatch work for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. The organisation is tasked with investigating misconduct by Florida judges. The sorts of problems that they investigate are normally fairly minor, but the latest complaint is a little out of the ordinary.

The person who has raised the complaint is an ex-lawyer on the run, in hiding and using an alias. He is an intermediary for a whistle blower and claims that the judge in question is the most corrupt judge in the history of the USA.

Putting together the information for the case is a bit like pulling teeth at times, but eventually the story comes together. The small Tappacola Indian tribe has built a casino. The casino was controversial and would not have happened without the involvement of a group known as the Coast Mafia and assistance of the judge in question. Now those that smoothed the path of the casino receive a monthly cut. Over the years this has amounted to huge amounts of money which has been carefully laundered. Between the Mafia and the judge, any opposition to the casino has been dealt with.

Lacy and Hugo expected the investigation to be dangerous but had no idea that it would be deadly. But Lacy is the sort of tough hero who never gives up and she eventually puts together and ironclad case.


Parts of the novel were a bit slow but others had me on the edge of my seat. Overall it was a pretty good thriller.

I was a bit disappointed when I found out the motivation of the whistle blower and also at how many times the investigation could have died leaving the corruption unchecked. I nearly skipped the end of the novel where various people started suing others for as much money as they could get.

This was a solid ‘back on track’ novel for John Grisham and I look forward to reading the next one.


Book Published 2016


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