Ann Cleeves Profile and Books

Ann Cleeves was born in 1954 and grew up in the country in Herefordshire and Devon. Her father was a school teacher and she always dreamed of being a writer. But, she didn’t finish her English degree at university.

Cleeves worked in a number of temporary jobs and it was while working as a cook at a bird observatory that she met her husband Tim, and ornithologist.

After they married, Tim became warden of an island nature reserve. They lived on the island alone with no mains power or water and this is where Ann began to write. It took over 20 years before she was able to quit work and become a full-time writer.

Two of Ann Cleeves’ book series have also become popular TV series – Vera and Shetland.

She lives in Whitely with her husband and has two daughters and several grandchildren.

George & Molly novels

  • A Bird in the Hand (1986)
  • Come Death and High Water (1987)
  • Murder in Paradise (1988)
  • A Prey to Murder (1989)
  • Another Man’s Poison (1992)
  • Sea Fever (1993)
  • The Mill on the Shore (1994)
  • High Island Blues (1996)

Inspector Ramsay series

  • A Lesson in Dying (#1) (1990)
  • Murder in My Backyard (#2) (1991)
  • A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy (#3) (1992)
  • Killjoy (#4) (1993)
  • The Healers (#5) (1995)
  • The Baby Snatcher (#6) (1997)

Vera Stanhope series

Shetland Island series

  • Raven Black (#1) (2006)
  • White Nights (#2) (2008)
  • Red Bones (#3) (2009)
  • Blue Lightning (#4) (2010)
  • Dead Water (#5) (2013)
  • Thin Air (#6) (2014)
  • Too Good To Be True (2016, novella)
  • Cold Earth (#7) (2016)
  • Wild Fire (#8) (2018)

Other novels

  • The Sleeping and the Dead (2001)
  • Burial of Ghosts (2003)

Ghost Stories

  • The Midwife’s Assistant (2006)


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