Spook Street by Mick Herron

‘Spook Street’ is the 4th novel in Mick Herron’s Slough House series which features a group of reject MI5 agents exiled to Slough House and known as the slow horses.

The novel opens with a flash mob of teenagers at a shopping mall. The unthinkable happens when a suicide bomber joins the crowd and detonates. When the bomber is identified, things only get worse.

Meanwhile, long term slow horse River Cartwright is worried about his grandfather. David Cartwright was a cold war spy and knows far too much. Now he is losing his marbles along with his ability to keep secrets. He fears he is being watched and River worries that the MI5 solution to senile spies might be true.

When David Cartwright decides to take care of one of his watchers all hell breaks lose and the two parts of the story come together.

The slow horses, led by the super uncouth Jackson Lamb, must find out what David Cartwright got up to in France many years ago that has led to a London terrorist attack.

There is plenty of comic action while the misfits of Slough House chase the truth and a group of unbeatable agents. Meanwhile the sub-plots and backstabbing continue among the ‘real’ agents at Regents Park.

The slow horses don’t all make it out alive. But there are always more misfits to replace them.


This series just keeps getting better. You could read this novel without the others, but you’d be missing a lot of fun. So start at the beginning with ‘Slow Horses’. The sights, sounds and smells of these novels will have you in stitches.

I can’t wait to read the next addition to the series – ‘London Rules‘.


Book Published 2017


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