A Quiet Belief In Angels by R.J. Ellory

‘A Quiet Belief In Angels’ is a slow moving but beautifully written mystery about Joseph Calvin Vaughan growing up in a small town in Georgia.

Joseph tragically lost his father at the age of 11. In many ways his life was held together by his ability to write and the strong support of his mother and his teacher.

When Joseph is 12 one of his classmates is brutally raped and murdered. This is the first of many murders and Joseph becomes obsessed with the murders – more in his thoughts than in any actions, because there is nothing that he can do about them anyway. His obsession only increases when he discovers one of the bodies.

Tragedy continues to dog his life and when someone close to him is murdered, he is jailed for murder. It takes 10 years for the conviction to be overturned and Joseph has lost a large part of his life. On his release he is ready to turn his thoughts to action and track down the killer.

When he finally tracks down the killer, much of his life has passed him by.


The plot of the story was pretty good, although it moved very slowly with a lot of details of Joseph’s life.

But, the plot was less important than the writing. This was one of the most beautifully written novels I’ve read. It didn’t matter that it was slow because I was completely immersed in its beauty. The best way to enjoy this novel is to feel yourself a part of Joseph’s life through hardship and joy.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Ellory’s novels.


Book Published 2007


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