Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey

‘Diamond Dust’ is the 7th novel in Peter Lovesey’s series featuring the Bath based, surly detective Peter Diamond.

The crime in this novel was a complete surprise to me. I have read some of the later novels in the series and knew that Diamond’s vivacious wife Stephanie wasn’t around, but I had no idea that she’d been murdered. So, this is a very emotional book as Peter Diamond’s (and my) heart is ripped apart.

Of course, as soon as Diamond identifies his wife as the murder victim, he is taken off the case.

Steph had no enemies, she was very popular and the police are at a loss to work out why she was murdered. So, the investigation turns to Peter’s past cases and the possibility that Steph’s death was revenge against him. The investigation is led by Curtis McGarvie who spends far too much of his time focused on Peter Diamond as a suspect.

But Diamond knows he didn’t kill his wife. As time passes with very little progress , he mounts his own parallel investigation, covering the areas in which he thinks McGarvie is failing.He makes several calls to his old colleague Julie Hargreaves for assistance and eventually teams up with a detective with whom he worked many years ago in his London days.

But for all the leads followed by both Diamond and McGarvie, the killer, when finally revealed, came as a complete surprise. And as with many murders, this one was a completely pointless waste of a life.

Fortunately I’ve read some of the later novels and know that the series continues to be brilliant. Otherwise I would be wondering how Peter Diamond could possibly continue with the heart ripped out of his world.

This was one of the most amazing novels in the series so far and at times had me on the verge of tears. I had a very strong sense of Peter’s complete aloneness.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘The House Sitter’ to see how Peter Diamond goes about starting to rebuild his shattered life.


Book Published 2002


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