Friends In High Places by Caro Peacock

‘Friends in High Places’ is the 7th novel in Caro Peacock’s Liberty Lane series featuring the young female private detective.

It is 1840 and Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of the Emperor, has just failed in an attempt to seize power in France, and been imprisoned. One of his colleagues, Lesparre, escaped back to England and is in possession of important documents that could help the prince in his upcoming trial. Lesparre has taken refuge in the London mansion of novelist and socialite Lady Blessington.

Lady Blessington has asked Liberty for help in getting Lesparre and his papers to the Hague. But before their plans are finalised, there is a murder in Lady Blessington’s home which causes them to abandone the trip.

Liberty starts to search for Lesparre’s companion as well as the murderer and the missing papers. But it seems that she is not the only one on the case. There are at least two other groups searching – each for their own reasons, and the wheels of justice are being manipulated at the highest levels.

Also involved in the case are Liberty’s former friend Disraeli and much to her surprise Robert Carmichael (she didn’t even know he was back in the country).

Liberty once again relies on the help of her good friend Amos Legge and her assistant Tabby with her group of street urchins.


This novel was filled with a good dose of Victorian murder, spying and political intrigue. Liberty is starting to question her long term future as an investigator and events lead her to question her relationship with the love of her life Robert Carmichael (I’ve always thought she would be better with Amos Legge anyway).

I am now up to date with the series and eagerly await a new instalment.


Book Published 2015


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