Lennox by Craig Russell

‘Lennox’ is the 1st novel in Craig Russell’s Lennox series, set in the 1950s in Glasgow.

Lennox fought in the war and feels too damaged to return to his family in Canada, so he is working as a Private Investigator in Glasgow. The city is run by three crime bosses (the three kings) and Lennox does some of his work for each of them and also has contacts within the police. But mostly he feels that he is an outsider, in Glasgow and among his clients.

The McGahen twins are upstarts in the city, they have a small criminal business and are kept in line by the kings. When one of the twins is murdered, one of the kings gets Lennox to investigate. When the second is murdered, Lennox must find the murderer to clear his own name.

But within the shady criminal underworld of Glasgow there is a much more complex crime being plotted and Lennox is being pulled into the middle of it while trying to solve it.


This was a novel full of dark and vicious characters. The three kings all ran violent criminal networks and some of the police weren’t much better than the criminals.

Lennox should have been the hero of the story except that his treatment of woman was so despicable. There was one incident in an alley that almost caused me to abandon the book.

Craig Russell has done an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of post war Glasgow. His characters are amusingly clichéd, especially the two thugs named Tiny and Twinkletoes.

The plot was complex and held my interest and I’ll be giving Lennox another try in – ‘The Long Glasgow Kiss’.


Book Published 2009


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