Stasi Wolf by David Young

‘Stasi Wolf’ is the 2nd novel in David Young’s Karin Müller series. Müller is an Oberleutnant with Kripo and this story is set in East Germany in 1975.

Müller has been relegated to a boring desk job, so jumps at the opportunity to take on a new case. In the newly built worker’s city of Halle-Neustadt, infant twins have been abducted. Müller is sent to the city to investigate.

But when she arrives, she is not sure why she, an outsider, has been brought in. And, it soon becomes clear that the Stasi want to maintain a tight control of the case. The police team is not to conduct house to house searches or let anyone know that the kidnap has occurred. Nothing must spoil the perfect reputation of the perfect new city, particularly with the impending visit of Fidel Castro.

Müller and her team find ways around the restrictions and gradually put information together in a case that goes on for many months.

Throughout the case, Müller’s personal life is also in chaos. She visits her mother to try to address some issues from her childhood, but this ends up raising as many questions as answers. She also begins an affair which goes a bit further than she planned.

Müller ends up with some very personal connections to the case and she has to put everything on the line to solve it.


This novel was an excellent addition to the series. The darkness and Stasi control of East Germany was very apparent.

Karin Müller is a likeable character and I also enjoyed the return of Tilsner and Jäger as well as the new characters Emil and Helga. I’m looking forward to the next novel in the series – ‘A Darker State‘.


Book Published 2017


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