The Intrusions by Stav Sherez

I have read and loved all of Stav Sherez’s novels so I couldn’t wait to get hold of ‘The Intrusions’, the 3rd novel in his Carrigan and Miller series.

When Madison Carter arrives at the police station to report her friend Anna Becker missing, it is only by coincidence that she is interviewed by DS Geneva Miller. Even though Madison is obviously affected by drugs, there is something in her story that catches Miller’s attention. Miller carries out some preliminary investigation, but has trouble convincing her boss DI Jack Carrigan to take the case seriously.

Then Anna’s body is found and Carrigan is completely on board.

Madison and Anna were staying at a backpacker hostel in Bayswater. While out one night their drinks were spiked with a cocktail of drugs. When Anna was abducted, the person who took her told Madison he would be back to ‘claim’ her. Madison has now fled the country in fear for her life.

The investigation soon shows that Anna was not the first young woman abducted. Carrigan and Miller also find that Anna was subjected to terrifying online harassment and was spied on remotely. They discover a dark network where women are spied on and traded as slaves.

It takes a while to discover the connection between the missing women but this eventually leads Carrigan and Miller to their killer.

Meanwhile, both detectives are being pursued by their former deeds (and misdeeds). In the previous novel ‘Eleven Days’ Carrigan stepped outside the letter of the law and Commissioner Quinn intends to make him pay. Miller’s ongoing feud with her ex husband appears to be over – but is it really?

This was another excellent and very scary novel – there is always one more camera in the room than you think there is. I will be viewing technology differently in the future.

This novel was published a few years after the previous one and I hope there is less of a wait for the next one.


Book Published 2017


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