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Craig Russell was born in 1956 in Fife, Scotland. He worked as a police officer and a creative director and copywriter in an advertising company before becoming a full-time writer.

He has a strong interest in post-war Germany, German language and culture and based his first series, featuring historian turned policeman Jan Fabel in Germany. The series includes mythology and history and presents a very different Germany from the one we usually read about.

His second series, Lennox, features a returned soldier in Glasgow in the 1950s and captures the darkness of Glasgow at the time.

Both series are still being written and Russell has also written using the penname Christopher Galt.


Jan Fabel series

  • Blood Eagle (#1) (2005)
  • Brother Grimm (#2) (2006)
  • Eternal (#3) (2007)
  • The Carnival Master (#4) (2008)
  • The Valkyrie Song (#5) (2009)
  • A Fear of Dark Water (#6) (2011)
  • The Ghosts of Altona (#7) (2015)

Lennox series

  • Lennox (#1) (2009)
  • The Long Glasgow Kiss (#2) (2010)
  • The Deep Dark Sleep (#3) (2011)
  • Dead Men and Broken Hearts (#4) (2012)
  • The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid (#5) (2016).

Christopher Galt

  • Biblical/ The Third Testament (2014)

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