Quieter Than Killing by Sarah Hilary

‘Quieter Than Killing’ is the 4th novel in Sarah Hilary’s DI Marnie Rome series.

DI Marnie Rome and DS Noah Jake have been investigating a series of assaults. The only connection between them is that the victims have all spent time in prison. Could these assaults be the work of a vigilante? Then one of the assaults goes too far and a victim dies. They now have a murder investigation.

But Marnie and Jake both have a lot going on in their lives. The house that Marnie grew up in has been rented for 6 years since her foster brother Stephen Keele brutally murdered her parents there. Now the house has been broken into by young gang members and the tenants hospitalised.

Stephen has now been moved from juvenile detention to an adult prison. This is changing Stephen and his relationship with Marnie.

Noah’s younger brother Sol has been trying to move away from the gang he was part of but they are not keen to let him go.

Marnie and Noah’s boss Tim Welland has been forced to take leave because his cancer has returned.  His replacement is the uncompromising Lorna Ferguson.

Meanwhile, a ten year old boy has been kidnapped and is being held as a slave.

Somehow all these threads are related and they seem to be happening because of Stephen and Marnie. Marnie has to fight to stay on the case and unravel what is really going on.


This was a brilliantly tense and atmospheric novel but I felt there was too much going on and some of the links were a bit tenuous. The main perpetrator wasn’t obvious till revealed and I had trouble linking back to some of the victims.

Noah Jake was excellent in this novel and I really enjoy his character as well as Marnie Rome.

I’m looking forward to reading Sarah Hilary’s next addition to the series.


Book Published 2017


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