Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

RAGDOLL is Daniel Cole’s debut novel. It was originally rejected as a screenplay before finding success as a novel.

DS William Oliver Layton-Fawkes (Wolf) has just been reinstated to the Met. Four years ago he worked on a serial killer case and arrested Naguib Khalid as the cremation killer. When Khalid was found not guilty, Wolf attacked him in court, nearly killing him. Khalid went free and Wolf ended up in a mental hospital. When Khalid continued killing, Wolf was released from hospital and eventually reinstated to the police.

His first case back is the horrific ragdoll case. A body is found that is made up of six separate bodies stitched together. From the start there are obvious links to Wolf, and then his ex-wife, media personality Andrea receives a list of six names of others who will be killed, including the date of their death. The sixth name on the list is Wolf’s.

The police case must go in a number of different directions – identification of the initial victims, protection of the proposed victims and finding the killer. The team is small and Wolf is not the only one with issues. And Wolf spends most of his time on his own – a law unto himself.

Can this crazy team manage to achieve anything at all, and can they save Wolf from a sadistic killer. Meanwhile the media is hyping it up and counting down each death.


This novel was extremely gory, but humorous at the same time. It contained just about every serial killer story cliché, most of which I appreciated. The one exception was the depiction of the mental hospital as a Victorian lunatic asylum – time to move on from that one.

Daniel Cole names J.K. Rowling as his favourite author. At one stage I had to check if he was a real person as opposed to a J.K. pen name. Well done Mr Cole for capturing some of the essence of J.K.

This novel was brilliantly entertaining with quirky but lovable characters and I’m looking forward to the next Daniel Cole novel – HANGMAN.


Book Published 2017


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