The Armada Boy by Kate Ellis

‘The Armada Boy’ is the 2nd novel in Kate Ellis’s Wesley Peterson series. The series is set in the fictional town of Tradmouth in Devon and features DS Wesley Peterson, a police detective with a degree in archaeology.

The town of Bereton has been invaded several times throughout history. 400 years ago the Spanish Armada was attacked off the Devon coast with the surviving Spanish sailors killed off by the people of Bereton. Peterson’s friend archaeologist Neil Watson is currently excavating Spanish graves.

Then in WWII, the Americans held training exercises in Bereton to prepare for their D-day landing. Live ammunition was used during the exercises and more men died in training than in the event they trained for. The Americans also became very friendly with some of the local girls.

Now a group of American WWII veterans have returned to Bereton to commemorate their time there.

Soon after arrival one of the Americans, Norman Openheim is murdered. The reason for his murder is a reflection of that of a young Spaniard 400 years ago referred as the Armada boy.

While Wes and his police team investigates Openheim’s murder, Neil and his archaeology team try to find out what happened to the Armada boy and how he came to be buried in the church.


This was another excellent mystery although I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the first in the series – ‘The Merchant’s House’.

The regular characters continue to be developed in this novel – DS Wesley Peterson, his wife Pam, buss Gerry Heffernan and colleagues Rachel and Steve, as well as Neil Watson.

I’m looking forward to continuing the series with – ‘An Unhallowed Grave’.


Book Published 1999


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