The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster

‘The Hidden Hours’ is a psychological thriller and the latest novel by Sara Foster.

Eleanor had a traumatic childhood and has never managed to come to terms with what happened. Now at the age of 21, she has travelled to London for a new start. She stays with her uncle Ian and his family in their large house and Ian’s wife Susan, an executive at a children’s book publishing company, finds her a job. Eleanor likes Ian and loves their two daughters but finds Susan cold and unapproachable.

At work, Eleanor hasn’t made a single friend in the three weeks that she’s been there. She decides to attend the company Christmas party hoping that people will have more time for her there. At the party she shares a drink with Arabella, a young company executive and wife of Eleanor’s boss.

The next day, Eleanor finds out that Arabella has drowned in the Thames under suspicious circumstances. Eleanor knows that she spent time with Arabella and may have witnessed her murder or even have been involved, but she has no memory of the later parts of the evening.

The more that Eleanor tries to remember the party, the more she is thrown back into the events of her childhood. The novel weaves together the two stories – Eleanor’s present, and her past.

Eleanor is rapidly unravelling and those around her are also struggling with their lives. As she starts pushing towards the truth of Arabella’s death, she unwittingly pushes others towards their own crisis.


This was a totally gripping thriller and also completely believable. The characters were all excellent and the sort of people who you could imagine meeting.

The interspersing of the two stories worked well and I found myself caught up in both of Eleanor’s stories, wishing the best for her to no avail.

I loved this novel and hope to read more by Sara Foster soon.


Book Published 2017


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