The Name of the Game is Kidnapping by Keigo Higashino

‘The Name of the Game is Kidnapping’ is an odd mystery. I kept reading through the novel knowing that Keigo Higashino can always produce an excellent ending.

Sakuma is a successful Ad agency man. Things always work well for him professionally and socially until he loses a major contract at work. He decides he needs to get even with the client who put him down.

When Sakuma discovers the client’s daughter running away from home, he and the daughter decide to fake a kidnapping.

Everything goes perfectly for Sakuma until he discovers that he wasn’t the only one playing games.


I’ve read a few novels by Keigo Higashino and this one wasn’t quite up to his usual standard. Nevertheless, it was a fun if totally unrealistic novel.

In this novel I found the culture of shame and saving face a bit foreign. To me Sakuma came across as an arrogant and spoilt young man.

I’ve enjoyed all the other Higashino novels I’ve read and look forward to reading more.


Book Published 2002

Book Published in English 2017


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