Lazybones by Mark Billingham

‘Lazybones’ is the 3rd novel in Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne series, following on from ‘Sleepyhead’ and ‘Scaredy Cat’.

During Douglas Remfry’s last few months in prison for rape, he started receiving letters and explicit photos from a woman named Jane Foley who was looking forward to meeting him on his release. Ten days after his release he is found murdered, in a run down motel room, tied up, blindfolded and raped.

Two further murders of rapists are carried out in very similar circumstances.

There are some within the police and public who think that this is justice. But, DI Tom Thorne won’t condone vigilantism.

With no evidence left at the crime scenes, Thorne’s investigation is going nowhere. Then retired detective Carol Chamberlain, part of the ‘crinkly squad’ working on cold cases, finds the clue that gets the case moving in the right direction.

While on the case, Thorne is also working on his love life. He certainly likes Eve Bloom well enough, so why is he so hesitant to take the next step and sleep with her?


All the characters were very real and the detectives all had plenty going on outside of their work lives.

Thorne remains good friends with Detective Dave Holland and pathologist Phil Hendricks. There were also two new detectives on the team – Yvonne Kitson and Andy Stone. Retired detective Carol Chamberlain was also an excellent addition to the story and I hope we see much more of her.

The story was riveting and the clues let us stay just ahead of Thorne in finding the murderer. There were times when I wanted to warn him to watch out!

There was a lot of suspense especially towards the end of the novel, making it a quick and exciting read.

I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – ‘The Burning Girl’.


Book Published 2003


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