Parting Shot by Linwood Barclay

‘Parting Shot’ is a standalone novel by Linwood Barclay but it is very closely linked to the Promise Falls trilogy (‘Broken Promise‘, ‘Far From True‘, ‘The Twenty Three‘) taking place once again in Promise Falls and featuring many of the same characters.

Once again, two of the main characters are Detective Barry Duckworth (yes he survived the last novel) and private investigator Cal Weaver.

Several months ago a teenage girl was run over and killed by a drunk teenage boy. Jeremy got away without jail time using the defense that his mother never taught him right from wrong. There was a public outcry and even death threats. Cal Weaver has been called in to help protect Jeremy from vigilantes who want him punished.

Meanwhile Duckworth is investigating an unusual crime (well, maybe not so unusual for Promise Falls). Brian Gaffney was abducted and held for  2 days. His abductors have tattooed a message on his back that he doesn’t understand.

In the midst of their investigations, Duckworth and Cal have to deal with kidnappings and plenty of murders as well as the usual social dysfunction of Promise Falls and its surrounding areas. And Cal discovers that there is a lot more to Jeremy than was initially apparent.


Once again Linwood Barclay has produced a tense thriller that is an exaggeration (at least I hope so) of the problems with current society.

There were plenty of twists and turns in the novel as well as very nasty criminals. There are a few criminals who so far seem to have got away with it and there was a surprise ending.

I’m expecting Barclay to take us back to Promise Falls in the future and I’m looking forward to it.


Book Published 2017


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