The Colditz Legacy by Guy Walters

‘The Colditz Legacy’ is a two part story set in 1941 and 1973 in the Colditz castle in East Germany.

Hugh Hartley and Malcolm Royce were two British officers who met in Greece in 1941. When the British evacuation failed, they became prisoners of the Germans and after a failed escape attempt they were sent to the high security Colditz castle which had been used as a mental hospital before the war.

After another daring escape, the two become separated. Hartley becomes a British spy responsible for many other spies in East Germany. He hears nothing of Royce and thinks he must be dead.

Finally in 1973, Hartley hears that Royce is a Mental patient, once again held in Colditz castle. He returns to the feared castle in Stasi controlled East Germany to help his friend Royce escape again. But things are very different now with the Stasi in control.


This was an exciting spy thriller with a lot of real history of Germany in both the ‘40s and the ‘70s.

The main characters were fairly ordinary flawed people while the Stasi members were totally scary.

I found myself totally absorbed in the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Book Published 2005


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