A Murder Too Soon by Michael Jecks

‘A Murder Too Soon’ is the 2nd novel in the Jack Blackjack/ Blood Mary series by Michael Jecks, set during the reign of Mary Tudor.

After the previous novel ‘Rebellion’s Message’, Jack has been given employment as an assassin by Thomas Parry. He is enjoying his new home and money but dreads being asked to kill someone.

His first assignment arrives. The Queen’s sister Elizabeth is being held under guard at Woodstock. One of her maids is suspected of being a spy and Jack has been ordered to kill her. How can he possibly bring himself to kill a woman.

Then shortly after Jack’s arrival at Woodstock, he literally stumble over the dead body of the woman he was supposed to kill. Now he is busy trying to prove that he wasn’t the murderer.

Woodstock is a dreary place full of spies, plotters and the ambitious. The only way that Jack can prove his innocence is by finding the real murderer, but just about everyone had motive and opportunity to kill Lady Margery Throcklehampton. And while Jack is bumbling around trying to discover the murderer he has made himself a target.

Now he just hopes to leave Woodstock alive.


This was another entertaining novel following the clumsy exploits of the loveable rogue Jack Blackjack.

There was a lot going on for such a short novel and at times it was a bit confusing, but in the end the various plots came together.

I’m looking forward to the next novel in the series as Elizabeth works her way to the throne of England.


Book Published 2017


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