Offline/ Odd Numbers by Anne Holt

‘Offline/ Odd Numbers’ is the 9th novel in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series by Anne Holt.

It is 11 years since the tragic events that left Hanne in a wheelchair. Since then, she has become very reclusive and resisted all contact from her friends, except for her wife Nefis. Now she has started working for the police again, on cold cases. Her assistant Henrik Holme is an odd young man, but brilliant.

At the same time, Hanne is approached by her old friend Billy T. He is concerned about his son Linus, worried that he may be becoming involved in extremist activities.

Then a terrorist blast rocks Oslo. The police are scrambling with no real leads except a video from an unknown Islamist group claiming responsibility.

Meanwhile Hanne and Henrik start their search for Karina Knoph who went missing many years ago. They immediately discover a flaw in the investigation that was carried out by the police at the time. And Billy T. is investigating his own son with evidence that Linus may have been involved in the recent bombings.

Gradually the three stories come together through the work of Hanne, Henrik and Billy T.


This novel was a brilliant story about all extremism, right wing as well as Islamist. The novel was written in 2014 in the wake of the horrific attack in Norway by Anders Breivik.

I have read all the novels in this series to date and it has been an exceptionally good series. There is only one novel left to go – ‘In Dust and Ashes’ and I’m looking forward to it.


Book Published 2014

Published in English 2017


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