Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

‘Strange Affair’ is the 15th novel in Peter Robinson’s DI Banks series.

In the previous novel ‘Playing With Fire’ Alan Banks nearly lost his life while his home burned to the ground. He lost everything he owned. He is still on leave from work, living in a rented flat and struggling to cope.

While Banks is out of his flat, he receives a call for help on his answering machine from his brother Roy. This is a surprise since the brothers don’t really get on. When Roy fails to answer his home and mobile phones, Banks decides to go to London to check on him.

Meanwhile, a young woman is found murdered and with Banks on leave, Annie Cabot is in charge of the investigation. The murdered woman has Banks’ address in her pocket. Annie would like to speak to Banks but he is nowhere to be found.

In London, Roy’s home is deserted. Banks starts to go through his papers to try to find him.

Annie’s investigation also takes her to London. And when Annie’s murder case and Roy’s disappearance start to move along the same paths, Annie and Banks finally catch up.

But what they find is not good news. Roy’s business interests come close to crossing the  line and Roy has been mixing with people who are best left well alone. And, there is a whole side of Roy’s life that Banks had no idea about.

Between Annie’s police investigation and Banks’ private investigation, they enter a world of weapons, drugs, prostitution and smuggling hoping to find an answer to their searches before they find themselves in too much danger.


This was one of the best Banks novels that I’ve read. The story was very depressing but also very realistic. Annie and Banks were both at their best and with both of them we find out more about their lives and personalities with each novel. It was also good to find out more about the lives of the other Yorkshire detectives, particularly Winsome and Kev Templeton. We even saw a surprise return of Susan Gay (now Brown) who was part of Banks’ team in earlier novels.

I’m looking forward to continuing the story with – ‘Piece of My Heart’.


Book Published 2005


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