A Dark So Deadly by Stuart MacBride

‘A Dark So Deadly’ is the first novel that I’ve read by Stuart MacBride and it certainly won’t be the last.

The story is set in the fictional Scottish town of Oldcastle where DC Calum MacGregor has been assigned to the ‘Misfit Mob’ after taking the blame for a crime scene screw-up which resulted in a villain going free. His boss, known as Mother, has had a triple bypass. Her second in charge is dying of bowel cancer. Dot is in a wheelchair after losing part of a leg. Watt is just unlikeable. The group has just been joined by stunning black woman who deals with sexual harassment with her fists. The Misfit Mob are given the cases that no-one else wants.

The latest case involves a mummy found in a rubbish dump. Their job is to find out which museum it has been stolen from. But when a second mummy is found the case gets more interesting and is soon linked to three young men that have gone missing. The mummies are not as ancient as first appeared.

Calum has also started looking into a domestic violence case where a young mother and her children have been beaten up.

He also has a pregnant girlfriend who is due to give birth in two weeks time.

There has also finally been a lead on Calum’s missing family who were abducted when he was only 5 years old.

And now a mother and daughter have gone missing, suspected of being abducted by the mummy maker!


This all sounds too serious to be funny, but the story was infused with a dark humour that made it enjoyable to read. And the story moved very quickly for such a long book.

The characters were excellent, particularly Calum, DC Franklin and DS McAdams. But, I enjoyed the whole cast of supporting characters.

I enjoyed this novel and I’m planning to read Stuart MacBride’s Logan Rae series starting with – ‘Cold Granite’.


Book Published 2017


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