Christopher Brookmyre Profile and Books

Christopher Brookmyre was born in Glasgow in 1968.

He attended Glasgow university then worked for the film magazine Screen International, The Scotsman and the Edinburgh Evening News.

Brookmyre published his first novel in 1996 and has been a full-time writer since then. His novels contain a mixture of crime, comedy, politics and social commentary.

He lives in Glasgow with his wife and their son.


  • Quite Ugly One Morning (Jack Parlabane #1) (1996)
  • Country of the Blind (Jack Parlabane #2) (1997)
  • Not the End of the World (1998)
  • One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night (1999)
  • Boiling a Frog (Jack Parlabane #3) (2000)
  • A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away (Angelique de Xavia #1) (2001)
  • The Sacred Art of Stealing (Angelique de Xavia #2) (2003)
  • Be My Enemy (Jack Parlabane #4) (2004)
  • All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye (2005)
  • A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil (2006)
  • The Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks (Jack Parlabane #5) (2007)
  • A Snowball in Hell (Angelique de Xavia #3) (2008)
  • Pandaemonium (2009)
  • Where the Bodies Are Buried (Jasmine Sharp & Catherine McLeod #1) (2011)
  • When the Devil Drives (Jasmine Sharp & Catherine McLeod #2) (2012)
  • Jaggy Splinters (ebook only) (2012)
  • Bedlam (2013)
  • Flesh Wounds/ Bred In the Bone (Jasmine Sharp & Catherine McLeod #3) (2013)
  • The Last Day of Christmas (ebook only – short story) (2014)
  • Dead Girl Walking (Jack Parlabane #6) (2015)
  • Black Widow (Jack Parlabane #7) (2016)
  • Want You Gone (Jack Parlabane #8) (2017)

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