Darkside by Belinda Bauer

‘Darkside’ is the 2nd novel in Belinda Bauer’s Exmoor Trilogy and includes some of the characters from the 1st novel ‘Blacklands’.

Jonas Holly was a young policeman with an exciting future ahead of him. But then his wife Lucy was diagnosed with MS. Jonas became a village policeman so that he could stay close to Lucy and look after her.

But then in Shipcott, where not much ever happens, an elderly disabled woman is murdered. John Marvel and his team of detectives are brought in to solve the case and they don’t want help from the local police. But Jonas has started to receive notes criticising his policing abilities and continues to investigate.

The murders of disabled and elderly people continue and Jonas fears for Lucy’s safety. He can’t imagine that anyone in the village, all of whom he knows, could be a killer. Marvel, completely clueless in solving the case, takes every opportunity to put Jonas down.

Life in the village deteriorates to complete chaos and finally Jonas discovers the identity of the murderer.


I’ve read most of Belinda Bauer’s novels and I’m yet to discover one that’s not brilliant. Her characters are excellent and she is so good at bringing out the best and worst in locations.

In this novel, Jonas, Lucy and Marvel were excellent characters and the minor characters were pretty good too.

I worked out the murderer fairly early but still found the novel extremely enjoyable. I loved the ending and the way things were left hanging. I can’t wait to read ‘Finders Keepers’ and I also look forward to any new novels from Belinda Bauer.


Book Published 2011


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