Dead Line by Chris Ewan

‘Dead Line’ is a thriller by Chris Ewan that had me on the edge of my seat from the first page till the last.

Daniel Trent is an experienced hostage negotiator who works alongside his fiancé Aimee Paget. But things become very personal for him when Aimee is kidnapped. After weeks without a ransom demand, he turns to his friend, ex-police hostage negotiator Luc Girard. Girard is soon able to determine that Aimee was taken by Shady businessman Jerome Moreau.

Trent’s plan is to kidnap Moreau and force him to reveal Aimee’s whereabouts. But as Trent is preparing, Moreau is snatched and held for ransom.

Trent must now work with Moreau’s family to secure his return without letting them know that he has a personal interest in seeing him returned alive. This turns Trent’s involvement into a desperate and emotional rollercoaster as he worries about the safety of Aimee and their unborn child.

Meanwhile, someone is following Trent and photographing him at the most desperate time of his life.

From Moreau’s beautiful wife, spoiled-brat son and dedicated body guard through to Girard and Trent himself, no one is exactly who they appear to be and everyone seems to have their own agenda.

Can Trent manage to get Aimee back alive?


This was an incredibly action packed novel and the stunning setting of Marseilles and it’s surrounds added to the story.

There was plenty of violence as Trent single-mindedly went about his work.

I did, however, find the story a bit difficult to relate to at times. Mostly I was invested in Trent and hoping for the best outcome.

The final twist of the story was completely unexpected.

I’m looking forward to my next Chris Ewan novel.


Book Published 2013


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