Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson

‘Friend of the Devil’ is Peter Robinson’s 17th Inspector Banks novel and this one has echoes back to an earlier novel in the series ‘Aftermath’.

Annie Cabot is temporarily assigned to another division, so is not currently working with her usual colleagues. She is still struggling with her feelings for Banks and her personal life in general – drinking too much and waking up in strange beds. Then a horrific murder helps to focus her attention. Karen Drew was a quadriplegic and unable to talk. The 28 year old was taken from her care home and parked in her wheelchair on the edge of a cliff. Her throat was cut and she was left to bleed to death.

Banks and his team (mostly Winsome Jackman and Kev Templeton) are dealing with their own murder. Hayley Daniels was a vibrant, fun-loving 19 year old. While out drinking with friends, she ventured alone into the Maze, an area of back alleys near the main square of Eastvale. There she was brutally raped and murdered.

The novel alternates between the two murder cases until a surprising discovery and another murder bring the two cases together. Annie and Banks are feeling the strain of working together and they seem further away than ever from sorting out their personal relationship.

The final resolution of cases is extremely dramatic!


I was excited to see a connection to an earlier case that has really stuck in my mind. Apart from that, this novel was not all that memorable.

Banks and Annie both seem to stumble from drama to drama. Life would be much easier if they acknowledged their feelings for each other.

Robinson’s writing was excellent as usual and I look forward to reading the next in the series – ‘All The Colours of Darkness’.


Book Published 2007


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