The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

‘The Good Daughter’ is a standalone psychological thriller by Karin Slaughter.

28 years ago, the Quinn family was ripped apart. Rusty Quinn was a defence lawyer who defended the worst of the worst, so he had gained many enemies. Firstly the Quinn home was burned down by an arsonist. Then two masked men broke into their new home to finish Rusty off. He was working late. His wife Gamma was brutally murdered. 15 year old Samantha was shot in the head and buried, while 13 year old Charlotte ran for her life.

Charlotte became a defence lawyer and moved back to Pikeville. She has never quite put her childhood behind her. She loves her husband Ben, an Assistant District Attorney, but they have separated due to her prickly nature.

Then Charlotte gets caught up in the aftermath of a school shooting and finds herself reliving her childhood nightmares.

Rusty immediately takes on the female teenage shooter as his client, but his enemies are once again determined to stop him. With Rusty in hospital and her life falling apart, Charlotte finally seeks help.

When Sam finally returns to the town she promised to never see again, the sisters are determined to uncover the truth behind the shooting and the events that shattered their childhood.


Wow, this was an excellent thriller. I couldn’t wait to get to the end but also wanted it to continue.

There is a lot of fairly graphic violence in this novel, so be warned.

The characters were brilliant. I loved Sam, Charlie, Ben, Rusty and Lenore. And I hated the prosecutors and hated the bad guys and felt for Kelly.

I’ve loved all of Karin Slaughter’s novels and always look forward to the next one.


Book Published 2017


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