Insidious Intent by Val McDermid

‘Insidious Intent is the 10th novel in Val McDermid’s Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series.

In the previous novel in the series – ‘Splinter The Silence’, the ReMIT team was set up, headed by Carol Jordan, and including her favourite handpicked staff (Paula McIntyre, Stacey Chen and others) and with Tony Hill as their profiler. Now the team have their first real case.

A woman’s body is found in a burnt car and investigation reveals that she was dead before the fire. The team quickly discovers that the woman met her killer at a wedding. But it is clear that the killer is forensically aware as he has left no trace.

Even after a second and third victim the team aren’t making much progress. And those who don’t like Carol or her team are starting to threaten the team’s existence. But psychologist Tony Hill is starting to get inside the Killer’s mind.

Meanwhile there is a secondary case. Torin, the teenage boy taken in by Paula and her partner Elinor, has fallen victim to a cyber extortionist. Can Stacey Chen, the cyber guru, solve the problem or will Torin have to learn from bitter experience.

It is the arrogance of the murderer that finally gives the team the clue that they need to track him down. But the final solution is not what I expected!


The identity of the killer was known from early in the novel, so the story was presented from both sides. This made for a very exciting game of cat and mouse.

Carol was certainly not at her best in this novel and not up to leading the team. Most of the members of the team broke the rules during the investigation. I have to wonder at what point they will cross the line to become criminals.

The ending was very dramatic and I have no idea where the series will go from here but I look forward to finding out.


Book Published 2017


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